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Popular Streaming website Nites.tv SHUTDOWN by ACE

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Nites.TV, a recently launched streaming site offering free movies and shows was shutdown by ACE within the first few days of growing interest.

When a new streaming website launches, it quickly becomes public knowledge, and the website nites.tv was no different!

In the early hours of Sunday morning it became evident that the nites.tv website wasn’t working, with the website displaying an error message.

In the last few hours, the website now directs to a copyright warning issued by ACE, also known as the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. Here is what was reported by UpdateKodi.com

Nites.tv streaming website shutdown by ACE.

As seen above, when visiting the website nites.tv, you will see a brief message from ACE stating the following;

“This website is no longer available due to copyright infringement. You will be redirected to Alliance4creativity.com in X seconds”

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The displayed message is a clear indication, that the streaming website nites.tv was removed due to not owning the licenses to share the content available on the nites website.

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What is Nites.tv?

Nites.tv is a website that offered access to stream movies and shows online for free.

The Nites.tv website offered the same service as the popular streaming app Showbox, but was made available via a web browser, rather than an application.

Nites gained popularity because it offered a quick experience to stream movies or shows in HD, for free, without the need of a membership, or interupted by any ads.

Why did ACE shutdown Nites.tv?

In the recent 24 months, ACE have targeted operations similar to nites.tv that offers access to movies or shows online, or in some cases, IPTV services too.

If the owner of the website, app, or service, does not hold the rights to broadcast the content, or it infringes on the rights of the entities they represent, they will issue take down notices, to remove the infringing material.

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This is what happened with nites.tv, they did not own the rights, or have permission to share the content it offered, in the public domain.

Who are ACE?

ACE, also known as ‘Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

ACE represent big names such as Amazon, BBC, MGM, Netflix, Sky and more by offering a common mission of helping consumers maximize their online experience and reducing the illicit and illegal acts of online piracy that harm the thriving digital ecosystem.

In the recent months, we have seen numerous IPTV services, Streaming apps, Streaming Websites, and even content creators be targetted by ACE to remove any infringing material to that of the parties it represents.

ACE are a unified group of established rights holders with a clear mission to stop, prevent or take down services related to online privacy.

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What will happen to nites.tv after the shutdown?

As it stands, we don’t know any more about what will happen to nites.tv.

Infact, we do not really know anything about the service, except it launched recently, become very popular, and then was shutdown.

We do not know who is behind the website, or if they have any ties to other services.

There could be a legal pursuit involved, however at this stage, that is speculation.

If the story progresses, we will update you, so it may be worth following our social pages.

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When using such apps or services, your IP address is logged in the log files, or access files of the websites used to offer the services.

When apps or websites like this get shutdown, all access to the web server, or operation logs are handed over to authorities. These logs will contain details of anyone that has used the service.

Your IP address can be used to identify you through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). As a result, you could recieve letters from your ISP, or visit from authorities, depending on the laws of your residency.

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